Family-Friendly? It’s Well Worth Double Checking Before You Book That Holiday

Teaching and introducing your children to the ways of the world are just as important as enjoying watching them grow up and having fun with them. But when it comes to family holidays the accent is on everyone having a good time as much as possible. Parents should remember, the holiday is for them too, and not just the kids.

Yes, there will always be tantrums and little episodes to work through when on holiday – it’s inevitable and unreasonable to expect otherwise. However, there are some ways to reduce the times a child’s displeasure may arise.

The first is pretty obvious – but may be something that is also easy to overlook.

family friendly

And that’s checking to make sure the accommodation you choose is FAMILY-FRIENDLY. It’s probable that no parent would ever contemplate taking their young kids for a Club 20-30 holiday in Ibiza…nevertheless those resorts that may appear like family-friendly ones might not be all they seem.

age range

So, and this is the main consideration – check what age ranges the accommodation you are looking at caters for. The so-called “family-friendly” hotel you like the look of might really only be suitable for teenagers and young adults, which is a far cry from the toddler-friendly cottages say in the south-west of the UK. You can see why that might be a problem, right? You could end up in a resort where there’s nothing for a 3 or 5 year-old to do except play slot machines, whereas your 14 or 15 year-old could be left with just colouring books and animated cartoons on DVD to watch.

kids club

More than that, dig a little deeper to find out exactly what the venue provider defines as “family-friendly”. Do they have a kids club and great outdoor play facilities? Or is their idea of family friendly simply entails having a kids menu in the restaurant?

The bottom line is, just because they say they are family-friendly it may not be right for your family’s needs.

And also, check whether you will be expected to pay extra for these family-friendly items. Some venues will have it subtly labelled as an ‘optional extra’, but this is not really the idea. If they say they’re family-friendly it shouldn’t involve charging you for that privilege; the provision should be all-inclusive.

You can easily find out which are the best family-friendly and toddler-friendly venues because the best ones go to great lengths to tell you what they provide on their website or brochure. In fact they take great pride in delivering great holidays for families, so these are the ones to go for.

Posted by June Sayers

June is a young mum who enjoys writing about family holidays for Crylla Cottages, the award-winning Cornish holiday park in the Tamar valley. June has three young children all under the age of 10. She goes on many holidays with them so she knows exactly what she is talking about. Also check out another work of June about Top Sights to See in Cornwall.

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